Where all the creation takes place…

Sound design, arrangements, remixes, soundtracks, mixing & mastering… For more info, do not hesitate to contact me ;-)

Control Room

The Control Room of my personal studio, with 88 keys master MIDI keyboard, two Mackie HR 624 monitors and iMac computer with Logic Pro 9, ProTools 9. Below are some of the gear I use very often : MFB Kraftzwerg, Doepfer Dark Time analog sequencer, Korg MS-20. I also have a Roland Juno-106, Casio CZ-5000, Hohner HS-1… ART Tube Pac preamp and Studio Projects TB1 tube electrostatic microphone for high quality voice/instrument recording.



MFB Kraftzwerg 1MFB Kraftzwerg 2


Korg MS-20Doepfer Dark Time


MIDI Keyboard



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